Talking To Girls About Duran Duran

"Everybody who liked rock also liked pop and everybody who liked pop also liked rock and there was this weird moment when what was playing on the rock station and what was playing on the disco station would overlap. Prince was trying to sound like Van Halen with all those guitar solos on Purple Rain in 1984. Then you listen to Van Halen's record from 1984 and they're just trying to imitate Prince. They've got "Jump," which is blatantly like, Prince's "Dirty Mind" (1980) slowed down a little. They both end up in the Top 10 of the pop charts" -Rob Sheffield

Rolling Stone tiene una nota sobre el libro de Sheffield que se enfoca en ese glorioso y magico momento de los 80s donde no había barreras en el top 40 radio, en una sola estación se podía escuchar desde the Human League a the Clash, desde Judas Priest a Marvin Gaye, desde REM a Ozzy, desde Bauhaus a Terence Trent D'arby , desde the Replacements a Jody Watley, desde Morrisey a Run DMC.
¿Qué fregados paso?

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